Payroll is fundamental to an organisation. If the people don’t get paid, the organisation won’t exist beyond the very short term. If there are inaccuracies with payroll, it will have a direct impact on staff motivation and morale. Business that rely on a single member of staff to handle the payroll are placing themselves in a highly vulnerable position if that person leaves or is absent. By outsourcing to Laraib you ca be sure that there is a team of payroll professionals managing your payroll.

We offer following Payroll Services:
  • Self Assessment Tax Returns
  • Corporation Tax
  • Management Accounts
  • Book Keeping
  • Value Added Tax – VAT
  • Annual Return
  • Annual Accounts Preparation

At Laraib, we have learned from others’ mistakes and we have put together a managed payroll outsourcing service that we believe is a cut above the rest. If you decide that we are the payroll services provider for you, we will make the transition from your existing provider to us as stress-free as possible. We will take on as much or as little of your payroll burden as you want us to. What’s more you will have your own contact, who works with you, knows your business or organisation and is committed to delivering a level of service that’s well above and beyond your expectations.

Let’s make sure your payroll commitments to your employees and to HMRC are met accurately and on time, every time.

Outsourcing payroll allows you to see a transparent, actual cost of payroll and also alleviate the variable cost of burdens such as updating technology, systems and staff recruitment and training. It can also improve the quality of management information. Laraib offers tailored management information and reporting so that your payroll can bring rich and timely information into your business.

You know that it saves you time, makes financial sense and relieves you of the administrative burden that payroll has now become. Now that RTI has made its presence felt, the fear of non-compliance and late or erroneous returns are more significant than ever. It’s for these reasons that outsourcing your payroll now makes more sense than ever.

All of that said, we’re only too aware that not all payroll outsourcing relationships are the same. Only too often, new clients come to us because they’re unhappy with the service previously provided by their payroll company. The sad thing is, these clients have typically waited until they (pretty much) can’t take any more before making the move.

Payroll is not only often the biggest cost to an organisation yet is regularly thought of as being mundane and unimportant. However, an expert outsource provider such as Laraib World to deal with the payroll can bring a variety of benefits for a business, such as:

  • Improving operating efficiencies
  • Improving operating efficiencies
  • Ensuring the payroll is compliant with ever-changing legislation
  • Protecting against employee dissatisfaction, costly errors and hidden expense

For any of your payroll queries please email